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Just breathe and be in the moment with me. -Courtney

I hear ALL of the time from people how they hate having their photo taken, that they’re not photogenic or that they “don’t take good pictures” and I’m here to tell you I SO RELATE! I HATE having my photo taken. It’s super awkward and weird but you know what?! If you find someone you are comfortable with, someone who makes you relaxed, someone who is only focused on making sure you feel good, then it makes a world of difference. I see you. I’ve got your back. I know how NOT to make it. Breathe and just enjoy this moment and we’ll make it fun. I promise.

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"I have never been more nervous for something and this boudoir shoot was one of the best things I've ever done!"

— Julie

I'm just a big goof with a camera, making pretty photos of life.