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Every single session with Courtney Michelle Photography includes printed photographs because I believe in the power of prints in today's digital world. Professional photos are an investment and displaying them should be the end result. I want your grand-kids to be able to flip through your wedding album and see the love in their grandpa's eyes as he saw you for the first time on that big day. I want your kids to look through their baby album and see the way you looked at them with love and adoration. To walk by your family photos printed and hung on the walls of your living room. Memories last longer with a high quality product displayed in your home, rather than sitting on a disc or a computer. Media comes and goes. Computer hard drives fail and photos get erased. Generations to come may not have access to cd's or jump drives and may not be able to easily view the cherished photos if they're not printed.

I believe that giving you just digital files does such a disservice to you and I'm so passionate about you 1) having the best time at your session with me and 2) showing it in those images for you to display for years to come.


Cash, check & Visa/Mastercard are accepted. Payment plans are available.