Elyssa - High School Senior - Class of 2018

I've been photographing this girl's family for at least 5 years now. I've watched her and her brothers and sister grow up behind my camera and it was such a treat to go back to Wisconsin to photograph her senior portrait session. Elyssa is stunning, a superb athlete with incredible style and is so humble & sweet. And wait 'til you see the property she lives on that we got to shoot on for two hours! Wispy willows, grassy fields, backlit woods and dreamy light! Best of luck on your senior year, pretty lady!


My First Cubs Game!

Last year I made a Chicago summer bucket list and getting to a Cubs game was on it. No, I'm not a diehard baseball fan, not much of a baseball fan at all, truth be told. But I had heard it was an experience that had to be done at least once. I never made it. Then they won the World Series! Which was seriously cool and exciting and crazy while living here! I've always considered baseball to be a snoozefest but the end of the season games that I watched last year made me start to think that I'd been wrong about baseball my.entire.life. 

Alas, I didn't think I'd make it to a game this year either since I expected ticket prices to be insane due to their championship title. But when I was gifted tickets to go a few weeks ago, I couldn't turn them down. It was a beautiful night for a baseball game and I got to hang out with some of my favorite people on the planet. Win for me! Plus, the Cubs ended up kicking NY Met butt and it was pretty exciting. Wins all around!

I only had my phone to grab some photos, and wished I had my camera, but here's what my first Cubs game looked like.

Most beautiful night for baseball! Flags everywhere while walking in my neighborhood to Wrigley. 

Most beautiful night for baseball! Flags everywhere while walking in my neighborhood to Wrigley. 

My favorite part was singing the Cubs song at the end of the game!

My favorite part was singing the Cubs song at the end of the game!


I started this post earlier in the day and I just got in from walking home from the gym. The Cubs were winning against St. Louis while I was there. On my way home, though, after a few people said "Go Cubs Go" to me, I walked by a bar and saw the Cubs had won the National League Central Division Championship! How fitting for this post to go live tonight :)

Chicagohenge 2017. An Ode to Chicago.

I tried my hardest to get to Chicagohenge last year but as it turned out, my Boudoir Day happened the same day and we ran late & I missed it. So, I made it a goal to see it this year and I may have been a day or so early (I'm not sure which exact date it was) but it was close enough for me!

What is Chicagohenge?? When the sun's rays and the city's grid align perfectly to create an enchanting wonder of light. This city is always beautiful to me, but this was astonishing to watch! I walked all over the north Loop, looking for what I thought would be a great spot to see it and ended up at the corner of State Street and Randolph with the Oriental Theatre directly in view. I was shooting and dodging traffic, waiting for the sun to do its' dance, and suddenly it inched its way around a towering building and it took my breath away. See my Instagram shot that I grabbed with my phone to see some sun flare trail. Below are just a few of my favorites from the evening. Next year I'll find a different spot and bring a model along and see what I get! You know I love a pretty photo but let's get a human(s) in there and I'll melt! 

Speaking of melting... I have never been so in love with a city in my life. Excuse me while I get a bit philosophical. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and that we are meant to be where we're at in life, but I can't help but wish I'd moved here sooner. Although, had I done that, I may not have experienced it or appreciated it the way I am now. Chicago, I love you and how you've opened my heart & helped me feel more alive than ever.

Merchandise Mart looking glorious in that delicious golden light. The L went by at the right moment. 

Merchandise Mart looking glorious in that delicious golden light. The L went by at the right moment. 

Chicagohenge_oriental_theater_state_street_people_walking_the loop_chicago_downtown_chicago_©COPYRIGHTCMP-7682.jpg
I love a good reflection!

I love a good reflection!

Be still my heart.

Be still my heart.

Girls and the Goats

I had a quick photo shoot with my nieces and some friendly baby goats when I was last in Wisconsin. It was the hardest thing I've ever photographed! A sick baby, an un-napped baby, two uninterested girls and some jumpy baby goats made for a huge challenge! But I still love these photos and have now fallen in love with goats.