Sweet Baby Camille - Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session

Ever want to know how to rock your newborn photo session? Just follow this family’s lead! Get the whole fam in, including both dogs! Give me a newborn and a dog & I’m in love. Two dogs and a newborn, though? I’m obsessed. All the heart eyes over here!

It took a while for me to actually get to meet sweet baby Camille but I was so glad when I did! I was supposed to photograph her birth, but wasn’t able to because she ended up being breach so her Mama had to have an unplanned C-section. Shortly after birth she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and it was a scary time for her mom and dad. After a NICU stay, this sweet girl was finally able to come home. Here, she is about a month old and doing fantastic - just ask her pup siblings! Welcome to the world, beautiful girl. You’re already such a fighter and a true inspiration!

newborn on bed with two dogs

Welcome, Camille, I can’t wait to see who you become. Much love!

Portraits in Paris

When I found out my friend Brittany, of Brittany Marie Photography, was moving to Paris, France last fall I was a bit bummed because we had just gotten to know each other and she was second-shooting weddings with me & I adored her. But I knew she was moving for the best reasons and I was incredibly happy for her. We were sitting at Eva’s Cafe in Old Town, having coffee and saying our goodbyes before she left Chicago and she told me I should come visit. In my head I thought, “Yeah, sure, I should… Someday.” Then I realized that’s the kind of thing I ALWAYS tell myself and then never do! Paris, and in spring time, has always been a bucket list destination for me so I made it a personal goal to get to Paris before her visa was up. After all, how could I not go when I knew someone living there?!

I am happy to report that I went! And it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have SO many photos it’s overwhelming, but I did get to see Brittany for a day and we took photos of each other for a bit in Paris. Here are a few of my favorite of her. I can’t stop smiling from these and will always cherish this trip. Isn’t she stunnnnnnnnnnnnning?! Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s also incredibly talented and has a heart of pure gold. If you’re in Paris, you must check her out.