Lillian is one! Chicago One Year Old Birthday Photo Session - Chicago, IL

I’ve been photographing this little lady since she was in the womb and then when she made her earthside appearance! It’s always so much fun to watch these babies grow up and see their personalities start to come through. Miss L had a “Baby Shark” themed birthday party (sorry if that song is now in your head!) so we took some photos in her adorable birthday onesie & matching tutu. Mom and Dad also had shark-themed shirts! She had an outfit change, plus a snack break because let’s be real - being photographed is hard work! Then we headed outside among the lilacs and played with Oliver, her 4-legged BFF. Happy birthday sweet girl!


Wisconsin Badgers vs. Michigan State - Big 10 Tournament [Chicago, IL]

My home state Badgers are playing Michigan State today in the Big 10 Tournament and I couldn’t help but reminisce on these past newborn sessions that incorporated both teams. I LOVE March basketball season and excitement is in the air, especially with the tournament being here in Chicago. Both of these babes come from a house divided and though it pained me to include Spartan things in their photos(!) I now love that little E is a Spartan fan like his mom and little H is a Badger girl like her dad! The fun competition in this family makes me smile! May the best team win but… Let’s Go Bucky! #gored


Reese Turns ONE! {Madison, WI First Birthday}

My sweet niece Reese turned one this past weekend and we celebrated her in style! You know I had to take some photos to document her big milestone and she was one of the easiest one-year olds I’ve ever photographed!! (I think it helped that her big sister was assisting me!) Usually it’s the other way around when it comes to my nieces :) Reesie is a March 1st baby so we did a spring theme for her photo shoot - tulips and tutus. She’s going to grow up to love tulips like her Auntie Coney, I just know it. I even got to be in a photo with her and her big sister. Thanks so much to my sister for grabbing a quick photo of us all.

I love you, baby girl!