Surprise Chicago Proposal & Engagment Session!

Yikes, it's been so quiet over here on the blog! I've had the busiest month of my career and have been so swamped with shooting and editing that the blog has been a bit neglected. Oops! Let me take you back to last month, though, with the sweetest proposal I've ever photographed! It happened at Buckingham Fountain here in Chicago. Winter was still hanging on at this point, and it was drab, except for some blue flowers surrounding the fountain. Longest winter ever. Period. In fact, as I write this on May 22nd, it's still practically winter. My heat has been turned back on and I was freezing at an engagement session tonight. Come on, spring, get it together! 


Anyway, last month the stars aligned and Adam proposed to beautiful Karen at Buckingham Fountain on a grey day here in Chicago. The moment she said yes, though, the sun immediately came out shining in full force! It was beautiful! He was a bit sneaky with his proposal, and pulled out a puzzle piece when they first got to the fountain. This threw her off as he gave her a sweet speech about her being the missing piece to his puzzle and then he got down on one knee. She was SO surprised! One of my favorite moments was when she first saw the ring! Another favorite moment happened right after she saw me! She was so surprised, and caught off-guard, and then the reality of what just happened hit her and her eyes welled up. Adam pulled her in and I was *possibly* crying behind the camera! SO sweet! Their dog Gambini was also along for the ride but he was SO over photos.

Favorite! That backlight...

Favorite! That backlight...


Congratulations Adam & Karen! Nice job on the surprise, Adam :)