A Morning in Chicago

A while back, I spent the morning of a beautiful summer day exploring downtown Chicago, scouting for locations for portrait sessions. I made it a point to take my camera with me because whenever I'm in the loop, I never have it and I always regret it! I took some of the pretty shots that make Chicago shine but when I was going through them, my favorites were the ones with people. I have a soft spot for street photography but I hate being observed and have a tough time being discreet so it's tricky for me! Henri Cartier-Bresson was one of my favorite photographers who excelled not only at street photography, but in documenting a decisive moment. His work is so inspiring to me and makes me strive to really observe and wait for moments to happen. He is definitely someone on my list of "People I'd like to have dinner with (dead or alive)."

I had been meaning to check out the Chicago Cultural Center for months so I made a quick stop inside to see how beautiful it is. It did not disappoint. It's right across from Millennium Park and it definitely is gorgeous. There was a music concert going on as well as several art exhibits and I'd recommend checking it out. Plus, it's FREE! 

Here's a glimpse of Chicago, from my eyes. I think it's pretty majestic and I am in awe every day of this lovely city.