Will - Class of 2018

Meet Will! I photographed his older sister Claire a few years ago (before I was even blogging!) and her session was one of my favorites that year. So, I was excited when I got to meet Will and saw they had the same smile! We photographed at the Memorial Union Terrace at UW Madison, one of my favorite spots to shoot in Madison because it's so diverse! You have Lake Mendota, of course, but also the fun chairs & hanging lights, the ivy-covered walls of the old buildings, columns, boats, and even a wooded path. OH! And my favorite spot: the beautiful glass wall inside the Union (and maybe Will's too since it was A/C inside and a relief from the heat!) 

This is the very same wall we took his sister's photo on and we did this as a half-joke to semi recreate hers but I LOVE it! Love this glass wall even more than I did before! 

Best of luck to you, Will! May you chase your dreams and never stop enjoying life.