Happy Halloween! Alive Rescue Howl 'O Ween Photos at Pooch Hotel - Chicago, IL

Happy Howl ‘o Ween!!!! If you’re looking for a 4-legged companion, adopt, don’t shop! Cue the drumroll for these adorable, snuggly and sweet pups that are looking for their forever homes. If I could bring them all home, I would in a heartbeat! Alive Rescue in Chicago is amazing. Check them out!


Halloween Pup Photo Booth Fundraiser - Alive Rescue - Chicago

Hi Friends! Happy (almost) Howl ‘o Ween! I’m teaming up with Alive Rescue here in Chicago for a Halloween photo booth and I’d love if you could join, or donate. Feel free to share & spread the news for a good cause. Come get a cute photo of your pup (see below, costume optional!) and help a great rescue.


PAWS Animal Magnetism

Last week I photographed an event for PAWS, an organization that I hold dear to my heart! If you've never heard of them, go here and read about this wonderful no-kill animal shelter here in Chicago. I started volunteering for them about a year ago when I moved here and couldn't bring my dog with me. Don't worry, she's in good hands back in WI with my mom and dad but I was missing her like crazy. I started volunteering for selfish reasons to get my dog fix, but it quickly turned into something more powerful. Every single time I go there, I cry. Every. Single. Time. It's so heart-breaking to hear some of the stories that these innocent dogs have gone through and I want to bring every one of them home when I'm there. Those dogs have done way for me than I ever could for them and I get extremely happy (and cry happy tears, of course) when they get adopted! I haven't been able to volunteer much lately because of my schedule, so being able to photograph for them was an honor. The event I photographed was called Animal Magnetism and it was SO much fun! Head here to see more photos from the event and read about how you can help.

Below are some of my favorite photos from the night, including the flowers and details of the building. PAWS left no detail untouched. If you know me, you know how much I LOOOOOOVE fresh flowers. Oh, and sharp-dressed dogs! What a wonderful evening.  

It took place at Morgan Manufacturing in the Fulton Market District in Chicago and it is a photographer's dream! Exposed brick walls, fun light fixtures, cool blue lighting on the stairs, walls made of glass blocks behind the bar and the view from the second floor is pretty incredible. Even the ladies' room was covered head to toe in detail. If I had to guess, I'd say the men's room did not disappoint but you'll have to check for yourself! If your'e looking for a venue for an event like a wedding, I'd recommend it. And I'd recommend you have me photograph it!