Soap Distillery - Handmade Soap & Bath Products from Chicago, IL - Passion Project

A while ago I started a Passion Project that involved photographing my favorite local female-owned businesses in Chicago whose products or services I was obsessed with. I wanted to showcase these amazing women, their work environment, their products/art and how they operate in a day-to-day basis. I wanted to do this because I love photography, obviously, but I love shooting for me when there is no pressure and I can do my thing and document exactly how I see. It keeps my creative juices flowing and helps me get out of a rut. It’s also a way for me to give back to the female business community of Chicago, and to let you all know about these wonderful souls. However - life, business & client sessions crept in and I couldn’t do as many as I physically wanted to… Yet! Thank goodness slow season is approaching :)

Introducing Soap Distillery

My list of business owners and places is long and I’ve only been able to do two of these projects so far! If you like cocktails, liquor, beer or spirits, you’re in luck! The first up is Soap Distillery and I think you must check them out. Their products are insanely smell-able, make you feel great & want a cocktail and are SO fun to read. Danielle Martin is the face behind Soap Distillery, and was inspired by booze, to make her creations. The first time I encountered her was at the Show of Hands show last November in Chicago. The first item I saw was a soap called Beer & Cigarettes and I wanted to gag because it sounded awful! But, alas, it intrigued the hell out of me and I picked it up and was blown away! The smell was insane, as were all of the items I smelled that evening. I was laughing at all of the names of the products and the descriptions. This chick is talented in her product-making, yes, but her copywriting is clever, witty and so fun. Never will you be bored reading a body wash bottle again!

Small Batches - No Hangovers (And great copywriting!)

Her products are hand-made in small batches and use real and natural ingredients. And they’re so pretty! The soaps that have flower petals in them are my favorite to shoot because of their beauty. I’m so excited to introduce you to Soap Distillery.

Seriously, go check them out now! Get a jump on your holiday shopping or get yourself some bath salts to soak away the stress from the upcoming holiday shopping season! The Rosé is my favorite! Or scrub the day away with the Iced Coffee scrub - it smells like a jacked-up Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie! It’s my favorite thing in the SD world! I also can’t live without the Lavender Paloma lip balm. And guys, they just launched their fall scents and the Pumpkin IPA is the bomb dot com! I normally don’t hop on the pumpkin train in the fall with PSL’s and all the other overly-sweet junk, but this is so good!

Want to be a part of the project or have a product/service that you HIGHLY recommend? Give me a shout!