Sweet Little Pumpkin - Madison Newborn Session - Madison, WI

I’ve been photographing this sweet little family since their oldest was a few weeks old. Baby number 3 came a few weeks ago and I was SO excited when they asked me to come back to Madison for his newborn photos. This family is so special to me not only because I’ve been photographing them for so long, but because I grew up two houses down from Adam and he and his brothers were always like brothers to me. (Like the time they locked my sisters and I in the laundry room when we were over for a snow day, or when we would make homemade fruit rollups or popcorn/cranberry strands at Christmas time!!) I will always adore him like older sisters do, and I love how much he loves Lindsey and their little family! It was so hare to choose just a few, but my favorites from their session are below. Welcome to the world, Mr. Mac! You are SO loved.

PS. Award for family with the best hair goes to these guys!


Personal Creative Struggles (Plus a cute little baby!)

If I'm being completely honest, I will tell you that I got into photography because I liked taking photos of "pretty things." I've always appreciated the small things, and found beauty in unusual places like cemeteries, alleys and everyday objects. It wasn't until I started being asked to photograph people that I really fell in love with documenting moments. And even then, it took me a long time to figure out what was missing in my work and although I truly loved it, something was leaving me feeling empty.

It's hard to explain, really, but the more I started photographing for a living, the harder it actually became for me. I get in a rut when I do the same things over and over, and I feel disconnected when I'm not creatively challenged. I've been a photographer for almost 10 years now, 7 of them professionally and though I'm always striving to be learning and growing, I finally feel like I've figured out what's been missing. It's not just enough for me anymore to take a pretty picture. I want those goosebumps when I'm looking through my camera, watching magic unfold. I'm an emotional person naturally, but when my eyes start to well up behind the lens while seeing your love pour out, I can't explain it. I want to capture those honest moments between you and your loves and I want you to feel what I'm seeing. I want your heart to explode with happiness when I show you your images! I crave shooting from my heart.

I love lifestyle sessions more than anything because I get to document real, raw moments. To me, it's all about connection. Yes, I will guide you into position and take some nice photos of your family, but my heart sings when I know you're not focused on me and just loving one another. Documenting sweet, tender moments in your world is what I live for and it's when I create my best work.

I photographed Miss S when she was a week new. A head full of hair, SO many smiles and the cutest little baby toes I ever did see! Her mama and daddy's love for her brings so much joy to my heart. It's the little moments that I want you to look back on. It goes by so fast, and you're likely sleep-deprived and may not remember a lot of things, but these photos will freeze time and each time you look back at them, I hope you smile. That's what I love about what I do. When you trust me enough to let me do my "thing" and have creative freedom, I will create magic for you. 

I will be cutting back on the number of newborn posing sessions I offer and shifting my focus to lifestyle sessions like the one above. You'll still get adorable photos of your baby, but the focus will be more on your love for your little one.