Glimpse of My World

I love my room here in Chicago and wanted to share for those who haven't visited yet. It's FULL of sunshine and fresh air is usually blowing through the curtains, making them look almost magical. I miss my friends and family terribly, so I have pictures EVERYWHERE so I can always be reminded of how much love I'm surrounded by when I'm having a tough day. I've collected an eclectic assortment of treasures over the years and I love the little details. Every object has a meaning to me. With hand-written notes from loved ones to the Polaroid camera adorning my mini stack of books, I love collecting these moments. I love old and new, modern & antique, polished and charmed but have had a tough time trying to combine them in recent years. I think I've finally managed to pull it off. One of my favorite things is a Dream journal and it's chewed up on the corner from when Emmie was a puppy. I was so mad at her when it happened, but now I love it even more. Puppy bite marks add character, right?! Much love & sunshine,