Bryann & Derrick

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I'm feeling extra thankful this year to get to be able to do what I love doing for a living. I also get to work with the best people around that trust me to document the most special times in their lives! This was my last big event for the year and my heart is so full and grateful. 

I met Bryann a few years ago when I was living in Sun Prairie and we lived in the same building. I was having Valentine's Day mini sessions and she brought her then-two year old daughter Daylin by for photos. I fell in love with this sweet little girl instantly and have been photographing their growing family since. Last year they welcomed little Ellie and this year she asked me to photograph their small intimate ceremony where they officially tied the knot with their girls in tow. So much love and happiness! Also, don't they make the most adorable babies ever?!?! Take a peak at some of my favorite images from their day.

My sweet, smiley niece!

When I snuck back to WI last week, I got to spend some time with this little lady after not seeing her for over two months. At just over 4 months old, she's practically doubled in size since my last visit. Ok, I might be being a bit dramatic but she's not a tiny, sleepy baby anymore! She's now rolling over and smiling & laughing like crazy. She is the noisiest baby I've ever known (constantly cooing and screeching!) and she loves to play with her feet. Check out the many faces of Miss Skyler, I just love her to pieces! 

Clown Dogs

I'm spending the week dog-sitting in Lakeview and get to hang out with these sweet, silly girls. Some of you may know that my dog, Emmie Lou, is still in WI while I'm in Chicago. This has been SO hard for me and so when I was asked to help out a friend of a friend, I jumped at the chance for pooch time. Meet Lola & Calleigh, the clown dogs. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Our week is consisting of sun-soaked paws, tiny walks, naps, lying upside down, playing, snuggling and avoiding this gross heat & humidity. They sure are hammin' it up for me and I'm enjoying every second I get to spend with them.

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