My Favorite Little Ladies

I got to spend some time with all FIVE of my nieces last weekend and it was incredible. That never happens! I adore all of these little ladies and love every second I get to spend with them. It was a few days past Avianna's fifth birthday so we put together the Chicago puzzle I gave her and she had me paint her nails. She chose a different color for every finger and toe - I hope she never loses her sense of style! Aurelia's two now and just a crazy tornado that doesn't sit still long enough to even look at the camera. Ansleigh is six months and sitting up all by herself and still making crazy faces. Mataya is already taller than me and I love how much she loves her sisters!

We even got a photo of all of the grand babies together for my mom. Skyler is just over a month old here and she's already looking so big. Time sure does fly. Can't wait to see all of these girls in my city this week. We're going to explore Chicago, eat pizza & ice cream and hit up the Shedd. So excited! I love being Auntie Coney more than anything in the world.