My sweet, smiley niece!

When I snuck back to WI last week, I got to spend some time with this little lady after not seeing her for over two months. At just over 4 months old, she's practically doubled in size since my last visit. Ok, I might be being a bit dramatic but she's not a tiny, sleepy baby anymore! She's now rolling over and smiling & laughing like crazy. She is the noisiest baby I've ever known (constantly cooing and screeching!) and she loves to play with her feet. Check out the many faces of Miss Skyler, I just love her to pieces! 

My Favorite Little Ladies

I got to spend some time with all FIVE of my nieces last weekend and it was incredible. That never happens! I adore all of these little ladies and love every second I get to spend with them. It was a few days past Avianna's fifth birthday so we put together the Chicago puzzle I gave her and she had me paint her nails. She chose a different color for every finger and toe - I hope she never loses her sense of style! Aurelia's two now and just a crazy tornado that doesn't sit still long enough to even look at the camera. Ansleigh is six months and sitting up all by herself and still making crazy faces. Mataya is already taller than me and I love how much she loves her sisters!

We even got a photo of all of the grand babies together for my mom. Skyler is just over a month old here and she's already looking so big. Time sure does fly. Can't wait to see all of these girls in my city this week. We're going to explore Chicago, eat pizza & ice cream and hit up the Shedd. So excited! I love being Auntie Coney more than anything in the world.


Mommy, what did I look like as a baby?

I recently sent off a gorgeous album to a boudoir client and couldn't wait for her to get it in her hands! A few weeks ago I walked into a repeat client's home and saw my newborn work on display all over their house and I've never felt more proud of what I do. Sadly, though, the value of the printed photograph, especially in today's most photographed generation, is dwindling and it breaks my heart. I'm a firm believer in having photographs printed and displayed. Otherwise, why spend money on a professional photographer? Sure, it's fun to pull out your phone and show your best friends your favorite images from your session while you're out for coffee. But what are your kids going to look at in 10 years? We are constantly photographing everything in this life, thanks to technology, but what do we do with the millions of photos on our phones, iPads and point-and-shoots? We share them on Facebook & Instagram, text them to friends or let them sit on those devices. But, what happens in 50 years when the technology is even more advanced and we're not able to use those phones that the photos are stored on. Or the files are not supported on the computer you're now using. Who knows what will be around in 20 years to surpass computers! Did you have a session in the last 10 years and receive the CD of images? That disc is almost as obsolete as a floppy disk and if you don't have a computer that has a CD drive, looking at your images is pretty tough. Or worse, what if your computer dies and you lose all of those photos?

I vividly remember looking at our family's photographs as a child, flipping through the pages of my parents' wedding album and my mom having photos of us all over the house. To this day, the house is still full of some of my favorite photos of family members no longer with us and photos of the newest additions of our family. My all-time favorite is the silly "real life" photo of my sisters and I where one of my sisters is having a meltdown and the other is "shhhhh-ing" her while I just sit there! Looking at how we've grown over the years, individually & as a family, is one of my favorite things to do in my childhood home. If I'm a guest in your home, you can certainly find me gazing at your photos. Whether it be from birth announcements & save-the-dates on your fridge or the gallery display in your living room, I'm fascinated! Fascinated with people, the memories, the stories and the connection. After all, that's what we're here for. And I get to document it!


Photography is an investment and having professional prints and albums on display is priceless. I believe that giving you just digital files does such a disservice to you and I'm so passionate about you 1) having the best time at your session with me and 2) showing it in those images for you to display for years to come.


I want  your grand-kids to be able to flip through your wedding album and see the love in their grandpa's eyes as he saw you for the first time on that big day. I want your kids to look through their baby album and see the way you looked at them with love and adoration. You trust me with your family in such intimate moments, trust me in this process as well.


I'm not saying I'm against digital files. Not at all, in fact. I love the convenience of them and I also enjoy sharing them on social media with friends and family. But it can't be the only media we rely on. Sure, I'll gladly include a digital file of any print that you purchase, so that you may share on Facebook, but I truly want you to leave with a professional high-quality product in your hands that future generations will get to enjoy.

(Disclaimer: 12-year-old Courtney will likely disagree with this post! Who wants to see those embarrassing photos in the most awkward time of my life? The hair, the braces, those outfit choices, the bangs, the goofy smile and did I mention the hair?! Perms & mile-high bangs were not my best looks. Those blackmail-worthy photos still haunt me.)


Much love & sunshine,