Chicago Snow Globe Engagement Session

You may remember LeaAnne & Raj from this summer when we took some photos in their Streeterville home. I'm back to let you know they're OFFICIALLY engaged and in the midst of planning their wedding! The two weekends prior to their engagement session, it snowed like crazy in Chicago. One of those weekends was a monster storm that shut down the city and I was out of town and sadly missed it all. However, I thought that since there was over a foot of snow on the ground we would for sure at least have a little blanket for LeaAnne & Raj so it didn't look so muddy out. Boy, was I wrong! The Friday before we were supposed to shoot, ALL of that snow was gone and I was heartbroken. ALL I had wanted for their session was snow. Fast forward to Saturday morning and me checking the weather the second my eyes opened. Miraculously there was a chance for some snow showers later that afternoon. I hoped and prayed all day and then 2pm came and the snow the hourly forecast predicted was nowhere to be found. An hour later, though, it started ever so quietly and by the time our session started at 4:30 we were COVERED in white, wet snow and it was magical. One of my most favorite sessions ever and L & R were fantastic.

My favorite

My favorite


I have always loved sessions in winter, but my first "active snowfall" engagement session was unforgettable and I am so thankful that it worked out so perfectly. 

Much love, friends!

xoxo Courtney


My sweet, smiley niece!

When I snuck back to WI last week, I got to spend some time with this little lady after not seeing her for over two months. At just over 4 months old, she's practically doubled in size since my last visit. Ok, I might be being a bit dramatic but she's not a tiny, sleepy baby anymore! She's now rolling over and smiling & laughing like crazy. She is the noisiest baby I've ever known (constantly cooing and screeching!) and she loves to play with her feet. Check out the many faces of Miss Skyler, I just love her to pieces! 

My Surrogate Chicago Family

If it weren't for this crazy-cute family, I wouldn't be here in Chicago today. I owe my life to them, for they let me crash on their couch month after month earlier this year. Who does that? Only the best friends ever! Thank you to my favorite Chicago family for all that you have done, and continue to do to make me at home here. I love you all with all of my heart!